General Principles: In all of its activities, LMSA emphasizes sporting and respectful behaviour on the part of all participants, including players, coaches, officials and parents. The Association believes that the involvement of all these groups will make the experience of playing soccer an enjoyable and entertaining one for the players. The Association also recognizes that all participants contribute to the efficient functioning of the entire operation.

Coaching: The coach's role is to be a resource person, willing and able to assist each player to develop to the fullest extent of his/her ability. Coaches set an example for the players, by practicing co-operation, self-discipline and respect for officials and opponents.

Parents: Parents are encouraged to participate as supporters and assistants. Parents enhance the enjoyment of the players, and help further the aims of the organization by attending games and encouraging the players. Positive support of the players (and of coaches) is welcome and appreciated. Open criticism of players, coaches or officials should be avoided; it has the effect of lowering morale, and fostering negative attitudes and behaviour on the part of players. If a parent has a concern about any aspect of the Association, or the operation of the league, he/she should preferably speak in the first instance to the coach, who will respond to the concern or direct the parent to the appropriate person in the organization. If the concern relates to the behaviour of a coach, the parent may feel more comfortable contacting the appropriate convenor.

Players: Fair play and co-operation is to be encouraged at all times. Players should recognize that they are part of a team; they share in its successes and failures. The emphasis for players should be consistent with the philosophy of the organization as a whole; players are encouraged to develop soccer skills in an environment that is sporting and respectful of others.

Games: During games, coaches provide players with equal playing time, irrespective of skill level. Unlimited substitutions are allowed. The rules for substitutions differ from one age-level to another; it is important that players and coaches are aware of this and respect it.

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